Covid-19 Response

Property Inspections in Challenging Times: The Guardian Group, Inc. Covid-19 Response


How you do achieve your claims handling objectives for efficiency, service and satisfaction in today’s new world?  With Guardian’s Property & Casualty Group, whether you continue to rely on our proven, physical on-site engineering inspections, or you take advantage of our engineer-guided tele-inspection options, you can always investigate and resolve claims without delay.

I.  Remote, Insured-Assisted Engineering Investigations (eliminate the need for face-to-face interaction)


1. Our claims team will help you determine if a specific claim is best handled via an in-person, on-site  engineering investigation or if your claim can be most readily resolved utilizing Guardian’s tele-inspection services.

2. An engineer on our claims team will contact your insured. Just a few questions will verify the insured is ready, willing and able to assist with the investigation. With that, Guardian and your insured will decide if he/she has the right equipment to proceed with scheduling.

3a. When the insured has a proper, up-to-date, video-enabled cell phone, we may proceed directly to scheduling. In some cases, we will proceed directly to inspection!

3b. When the insured does not have adequate technology, Guardian Group is happy to loan-out and send a sterile phone. We ship the phone overnight to your insured, along with other helpful tools and instructions.

4. At the appointment time, the insured calls the number provided. Guardian’s engineering claims expert will give voice instructions to your insured and walk he/she through the teleconferencing hookup. Guiding your insured through the entire process, our expert will “direct” them in order to obtain the evidence we need.

5. Your report is developed and issued according to standard procedures and within agreed-upon timelines. The report will simply indicate that relevant visual data and documentation was gathered utilizing Guardian’s Insured-Assisted Engineering Investigation method.


II. Responsible, respectful in-person investigations, too


Many of your claims still require the technical precision and documentation that only an in-person, on-site investigation can provide. Whether it’s because the claim requires sophisticated measurements and testing, or the insured is unable to assist… your insureds need to know how we approach on-site inspections and accommodate health and safety concerns today and every day. Between the training we give to our personnel, the systems and technologies we utilize such as drone-based inspections, and the social distancing and other precautionary measures we take, you and your insureds can rest assured that even an in-person investigation will be completed with minimized contact and in the least disruptive manner.


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