WHAT'S NEW & EXCITING in the world of surety claims, construction defects, property & casualty consulting, and construction management? Check this page to see where Guardian Group's been... and where we're going!

New Property and Casualty Case Study: Slip and Fall Claim In July 2017, an insurance adjuster at one of our nation's leading carriers was facing a slip-and-fall claim, which happened at a popular Midwestern pizza restaurant. He called Guardian Group, Inc.'s Property & Casualty forensic engineering experts to expedite an investigation and report of the accident scene. Using the ANSI/NFSI...
Reverse-engineering for construction management success Having consulted on some of the world’s largest, most problem-fraught construction projects, Guardian Group knows what can and does go wrong on jobsites and with construction in general. So, as construction managers, we bring a keener eye to the process of keeping quality construction on-time and on-budget. The reduction of claims and overruns is a...
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