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Why It Sometimes Pays to Watch the Paint Dry
Recently, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Construction Defect Group was called to consult upon a newly developed 8-story hotel in Florida. The construction problem in focus: the hotel’s less-than-bespoke exterior. Shortly after the hotel’s grand opening, the owners discovered discoloration and blotchiness on the paint job, over the stucco. The prospect of a potential 2 million dollar case against the general contractor (our client, on behalf of counsel) hung thick in the air.
Guardian’s construction defect experts deployed to the scene to perform and document a thorough investigation. Further follow-up revealed the painting contractor had been operating under a time-crunch; his workload strongly indicated a scenario wherein simply not enough stucco curing time had been allowed. (Also, the coating intended to mitigate paint problems failed to perform as advertised.)
To avoid protracted litigation on behalf of the client, Guardian Group recommended the general contractor exercise his “right to cure” option. While possible approaches ranged from a complete do-over to simply applying a new coat of paint, the former was costly and, in our expert’s opinion, unnecessary, while the latter represented only wishful thinking and wouldn’t prove to be a genuine, enduring solution. Instead, our experts proffered a repair protocol that identified only those areas of the building that needed to be stripped down and cleaned of their alkalinity. This would lead to a consistent paint color for the entire hotel façade.
Ultimately, the attorneys who hired us thanked us for helping them stave off litigation and for the timeliness and professionalism with which we handled the investigation.
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