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Boy Scouts Affirm “Be Prepared” motto after Irma

You may recall a case study Guardian Group, Inc. recently published about a Girl Scout facility. This one is different. This one is about an oceanside Boy Scout lodge that suffered various types of damage in the wake of last year’s devastating Hurricane Irma.

Immediately following the storm, Guardian’s Property & Casualty Group was called in to investigate the four main structures that make up the facility, just off the Atlantic shoreline. These include a Chart Room, a Bathhouse, the Director’s residence and an open pavilion. Specifically, the carrier asked our forensic construction & engineering experts: 1) to distinguish, if appropriate, between wind and storm surge, and 2) to closely investigate the hydraulic elevator in the bathhouse and the sewage treatment facility, as these were two of the most impacted locations.

When a property is this expansive, with different structure types of differing elevations and construction techniques facing different directions, often, your cause & origin will vary from building to building and damage instance to damage instance. This is also why carriers, adjusters and TPAs recognize the importance of getting the claim right the first time. They mitigate their risks and resolve claims more confidently and expediently by utilizing experienced forensic construction and engineering claim consultants in the first place.

On this investigation, and as you may recall, a review of Irma’s weather data depicted tropical force storm winds extending 150 miles from the center and hurricane force winds extending 70 miles from the center. At this location, maximum sustained winds were documented at 82.7 mph and maximum gusts were reported to be 93.44 mph. Recorded rainfall for the subject property was 14.01 inches and maximum storm surge was reported to be 6.25 feet.

Subsequent to a comprehensive, on-site damage survey, a review of as-built construction drawings and a thorough collection of physical and photographic evidence, Guardian’s Property & Casualty experts produced a cause & origin report that spelled out in detail:

•Those damages that were the result of storm surge (Sewage Treatment Plant)

•Those damages that were the result of storm surge and wave action (Chart Room)

•Those damages that were the result of a combination of storm surge and high velocity winds (Elevator)

•Those damages that were the result of high velocity winds and wind-borne debris (Bathhouse)

•Those damages that were cosmetic and not structural (Cracks in ceiling of Director’s Residence)

Whether during hurricane season or anytime throughout the year, when you are in need of timely P&C reports that demonstrate greater construction & engineering experience and know-how, call on the experts at Guardian Group, Inc. With nearly 30 years’ construction and engineering claims experience behind us, we’re here to help you resolve your claims quickly, fairly and cost-effectively. Visit the website and all us today.


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