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Are you prepared for yet another busy hurricane season?




No rest for the hurricane weary

/Amidst dangerous flooding at Yellowstone and record heat affecting much of the nation, we’re reminding everyone that June 1st officially marked the beginning of hurricane season. After the loss of life and financial devastation of last year’s Hurricane Ida, one of the storms that rendered 2021 the third most active hurricane season on record, everybody was certainly hoping for a reprieve this year. Unfortunately, according to the experts at the NOAA, a calm summer season is not likely. As Guardian Group continues to help carriers, TPAs, adjusters, homeowners and business owners assess the damage and impacts from last week’s Tropical Storm Alex, it seems as if this is only the beginning of a rough season.


Another problematic year likely

NOAA climatologists predict a 65% chance of an above-normal season. According to their projections, there will be 14-21 named storms, 6-10 hurricanes (with windspeeds of 74 mph or higher), with 3-6 of those representing major hurricanes (with windspeeds of 111 mph or higher). Guardian’s forensic engineers have been kept busy consulting on complex residential and commercial property claims in the wake of Hurricane Ida and the other storms that exacted this historic toll.


Hoping for the best but planning for the worst

Just as homeowners think through their preparation tactics – from coverage reviews and  exterior building maintenance to landscaping, survival kits, evacuation route reviews and kits,  and more (see consumer suggestions at, carriers and third party administrators (and their forensic consultants like Guardian Group), must also plan for these catastrophes. This typically means strategizing for how to properly handle an increase in claim volume and severity. Just as with prior seasons, Guardian’s experts will continue to monitor the weather patterns, having proactive calls with clients, and readying to mobilize at a moment’s notice.




Names to know this hurricane season

As you may recall, there were so many storms last year, naming conventions took us all the way to “V” with Victor. For this year, a new roster of Atlantic storm names has already been announced:


Alex                                             Hermine                                     Owen

Bonnie                                         Ian                                               Paula

Colin                                            Julia                                             Richard

Danielle                                       Karl                                              Shary

Earl                                              Lisa                                               Tobias

Fiona                                            Martin                                         Virginie

Gaston                                         Nicole                                          Walter



One more name to know: Guardian Group, Inc.


Some property claims pose inherently greater complexities and risks. These claims require greater expertise, expedience, and experience. That’s why Guardian’s Property & Casualty Group puts its over 30 years’ complex construction claims experience to work for carriers and adjusters. Rapidly deploying to the scene and identifying cause & origin, Guardian’s engineers deliver you the reports you need to confidently resolve both residential and commercial property claims quickly and fairly. Clear communication. A clean presentation of the forensic findings. For both your CAT claims and your daily property claims, wherever they’re located, a little experience goes a long way. Kindly call on Guardian today.

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