The Balcony Collapse that Never Hit the Headlines

A recent Construction Defect case brought  Guardian Group, Inc.’s experts out to the site of a large, multi-family apartment complex in the Orlando, FL area. On behalf of our client, we conducted an investigation of the structure, which stood three stories in height and utilized external wood-framed staircase to provide residents access to the upper floors. Unfortunately, various finishes prevented a visual inspection of the staircase structure. But while there was no external indication of damage, both the configuration of the structure and Guardian’s experience on similar projects supported the call for further investigation.

Our initial suspicions proved correct: not only was the hidden wood structure severely compromised, it was in imminent danger of collapse. While the immediate red-tagging prevented easy resident access–posing a temporary inconvenience to occupants–marking and sequestering this danger zone helped prevent a disastrous scenario from occurring. Assisting counsel with their cases is one thing, and it’s something our Construction Defect Group does with tremendous pride, but having had the opportunity to prevent a catastrophe? That’s gratifying beyond measure.

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