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Balcony Collapses & The New (Liability) Fear of Heights
At the very end of this month/beginning of October, Guardian vice president Mark Hopkins will be featured as an invited speaker at this year’s CLM National Construction Conference. Typically hosted in Chicago, this year’s conference, held September 29th – October 1st, will be conducted virtually, allowing more people to attend and with greater health safety.

Have You Looked at Your Balcony Lately?

Produced in conjunction with Mark Oertel of Lewis Brisbois, Jason Jurado of Old Republic, and Brian Kahn of Chapman Glucksman Dean & Roeb, the panel will engage in a conversation around EEE (Exterior Elevated Elements), including the Berkeley balcony tragedy, and ensuing litigation and legislation. New inspection requirements in the state of California could provide insight as to the regulations states throughout the country might soon adopt. Implications for developers, contractors, carriers, and counsel are substantial.

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