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Building’s roof would have weathered the storm beautifully… if not for the tarp


Recently, Guardian was asked to consult on a claim involving a large commercial property, specifically relating to roof damage. The large insurance carrier already knew the building had been subject to flooding, resulting in extensive interior damage. But the company’s adjusting team wanted Guardian to opine on any roof damage and the cause and origin thereof.


One of Guardian’s forensic engineers immediately dispatched to the subject property. The entire roof of the 15,000 sf facility had been tarped proactively so as to avoid any storm damage. The expert examined and photographed both the exterior and the associated ceilings and walls from where it appeared moisture had intruded and added to the destruction from the floor-level flooding. Among the photos were those showing the precise locations of water entry so that these could correspond with any roof damage discovered.


Just as with most other construction-related issues, there are guidelines associated with tarps. These include considerations for when to use, what to use, and how to deploy. In this case, there was nothing wrong with the idea of utilizing a tarp to protect the roof – slope was acceptable, materials and type were appropriate – it was the haphazard manner in which it was installed. How poorly? There were so many nails used… hammered straight through the asphalt tiles… that Guardian had to recommend the nearly new roof be replaced in its entirety. None of this was related to the storm; it was all at the hands of an improper tarp installation, executed not by a reliable vendor but by the building owner himself.


For complex property claims, insurance carriers, TPAs, and adjusters count on Guardian Group, now operating as a division of YA, for rapid dispatch of forensic experts, clear communication, and definitive cause & origin reporting. The now 600+ person strong team of building experts possesses deep experience with large-size claims, high-risk claims, and highly complex claims. When claims cross your desk that transcend the run-of-the-mill and the everyday, the Guardian Group and YA team of personnel strategically located throughout the U.S., including Mexico and England, proves to be your invaluable resource. They provide the construction and engineering investigations and reporting that help both carriers and their insureds understand exactly what happened and why, facilitating efficient resolution. Kindly call on our experts today.

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