Avoid Adjusting Disasters This Storm Season

As last year’s storms demonstrated, catastrophes not only present near-term financial losses for insurers, but carriers bear the additional exposure borne of delayed reporting, customer dissatisfaction and potential litigation. Whether hurricane winds are classified by the Meteorological Society as Category 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, those in the property insurance business need a Tier Two forensic engineering firm standing at the ready.

Serving carriers, TPAs and adjusters, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Catastrophe Response Team supports you in the following ways:

Complex, high-volume residential claims require both rapid dispatch and rapid reporting. Working with Guardian means both increased confidence in the scientific findings of our investigations and increased service to your insureds.

When storms hit, most of us think about the families and personal homes affected. But commercial claims include significant complexities that can’t be handled by traditional, daily adjusters. With Guardian on the job, you’re leveraging nearly 30 years’ forensic construction and engineering expertise.

Often, catastrophe claims require more than Cause & Origin reports. When you think there may be a need for the identification of repair means and methods… when you need accurate repair scopes and estimates… you need to be working with more than an everyday adjusting or claims investigations firm.

When situations call for multiple visits, destructive testing, drone-based visual data collection and the like, it’s good to have the right expert on-call. Guardian Group, Inc. supports carriers, TPAs and adjusters with the flexibility to deliver just the right amount of specialized service the claim may require.

While Guardian Group, Inc. has handled complex claims in every state in the nation, you’ll find our CAT coverage density to be the greatest in Florida, Texas and California.

When it’s complex or catastrophe, you’ve got us right where you want us. Ready to deploy. Ready to deliver a higher standard of claims and building consulting confidence.

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