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Completion Contractors, Inc. turns unfinished construction into jobs well done

Many times, all clients need are good, solid repair cost estimates. But sometimes, they need a whole lot more!

The advantage of Guardian Group, Inc.’s strategic partnership with Completion Contractors, Inc. is two-fold. First and foremost, clients are provided more credible estimates because these estimates are borne of real-world, practical experience. In the world of delayed, defective and deficient construction, too often surety companies and insurance companies must contend with exorbitantly high estimates. Why is this the case? Because inexperienced contractors are bidding on something they know little about. Their uncertainty results in artificially high estimates, intentional or not. Secondly, in those cases where it is in your best interest to finish construction, Completion Contractors, Inc. is a licensed California contractor that stands ready to serve as your General and bring the project to completion.

Whether completing work for sureties, insurance carriers, developers or on behalf our public schools, Completion Contractors, Inc. is equipped to do far more than simply tell you what went wrong, why your project is sitting idle and it what ways it remains defective. The company provides practical, real-world estimates… and it stands behind those estimates in the most important manner possible: should completion construction be your best course, Completion Contractors, Inc. stands ready to build.

For banks and other holders of distressed properties, Completion Contractors, Inc. can help you assess the status of your entire portfolio, guiding you in the determination of which pose the greatest risk, which projects to complete, at what cost and when, and which to write down.

To learn more, visit Completion Contractors’ website.

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