Shutting the (Shower) Door on Excessive Defect Claims

Pursuant to a claim that had initially been estimated at as much as $12 million, Guardian’s Construction Defect Group was hired by one of our law firm clients. In a high-rise, Southern California condominium tower, leaky showers throughout 600 units was the source of the dispute. Negotiations had ceased altogether, with neither party willing to cede any ground.

Based on water leaks, the plaintiff’s side alleged that all showers required tear-out and replacement, at an estimated cost of $18,000 each. The general contractor’s expert, on the other hand, asserted that while water may be accumulating, the plywood wasn’t rotted, so there was no resultant damage.

Upon destructive testing, our experts discovered indication of water on the plywood, which is resultant damage. Getting the two sides back to the table involved more than mere semantics. Thanks to a thorough site inspection and experienced analysis, our experts found the true source of the leak to be not the entire shower system, but a poorly installed shower door. A new focus on door replacement, at less than 20 percent of the full shower replacement, provided the pathway to a reduced repair scope and successful resolution.

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