Drone Technology Aids Investigation

Recently, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Construction Defect Group was called to the site of a residential development of more than 100 homes. When the homeowner’s association filed a construction defect claims against the construction team, including both the roofer and framer, the defense counsel sought the support of Guardian’s experts.

The plaintiff experts initially prepared a report including an extensive list of alleged construction deficiencies, repair recommendations, and costs-to-repair. They identified several construction defects pertaining to the work of the roofer, including damaged/broken roof tiles, overexposure at rakes and ridges, and liquefaction of self-adhesive flashing. The plaintiff experts recommended roofing repair costs that were estimated in excess of one million dollars.

Guardian’s experts used their UAV/Drone capabilities to determine if the plaintiff’s initial findings were representative of the entire population of structures in the development. In less than one day, an aerial survey of all the buildings in the complex was completed, and comprehensive data was obtained without conducting a manual inspection. This provided greater safety and efficiency, and eliminated the additional damage a physical inspection can sometimes cause.

The high-resolution photos and videos captured by the aerial survey revealed the accurate extent of the damages, supporting the idea that the plaintiff’s claims had been exaggerated. By putting drones in the hands of our technical experts, Guardian provides an even higher degree of reliable service to our law firm, insurance carrier and surety clients. In this case, a fair settlement was reached in less time for less money.

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