For city water supply, all’s well that ends well…


Recently, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Construction Defect Group was dispatched to the Pacific Northwest. Counsel representing the general contractor asked our construction and engineering experts to investigate and advise on a case involving a municipality’s well, one component of a networked water supply system. The well had an estimated cost to repair/replace in excess of one million dollars and the case had been headed toward litigation. It was in mediation however when, familiar with our experts’ track record of tenacity and ingenuity, the contractor’s counsel decided to call on the construction defect experts at Guardian Group, Inc.

This newly constructed well, a project that had been put out to bid, included a pump and filter system. The city’s claim: the filtering mechanism was non-compliant and the well was therefore incapable of producing the number of GPM (gallons per minute) that was stipulated in the contract/RFP. Rapid but thorough investigation of the well site, review of its construction drawings and analysis of project notes, however, yielded a radically different set of conclusions from those of the city.

As for the quality of the water and the seeming underperformance of the filter – this was due to the chlorination tank, which had been undersized due to errors made by the engineer of record, not the contractor. As for passing clean water certifications imposed by the governing body, a failure of communication led the city to believe that the well system as built could not pass. However, this was not the case despite the size of the chlorination tank. Guardian’s construction defect team documented an appropriate manner of testing that satisfied regulators, one that checked the filter at various amounts of water flow. The well and its filter operated safely and according to spec.

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