Foundation Cracks Lead to Faulty HVAC Discovery

Guardian Group, Inc.’s Property & Casualty specialists, known for their practical and in-depth knowledge of construction and engineering issues, were called upon by one of our insurance carrier clients. The issue the adjuster on the claim needed clarity on: the cause of cracks and buckling of a residential home’s foundation. After completing his cause and origin investigation, our expert noticed one of the photos he had taken to properly document the scene revealed something suspicious-looking in the background–an HVAC unit captured in the shot looked defective based on his years of field experience. Further examination uncovered that the vent used to exhaust CO2 from the home was loose. This meant the HVAC system had an increased risk of introducing high levels of CO2 into the home — threatening the health and safety of the home’s occupants. Within 10 days, not only did the adjuster have a complete report detailing in clear, concise language the cause of the original claim’s foundation issues, he also had a grateful insured thanking him for Guardian alerting the family to the potential safety problem.

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