Guardian Group has joined the YA group. This exciting change marks a new chapter in our journey, and we look forward to the enhanced services and opportunities this new partnership will bring. Please note that our website will be redirected to in the near future. Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for your continued support!

Guam + Surety = Guardian Group, Inc.

With a one-of-a-kind track record of service on the United States Territory of Guam, Guardian Group, Inc. stands ready to assist you with every type of surety claim and case that may come your way. Our experts’ 30 years of experience and facility with the people and local culture put our surety clients at east: they know that these are fundamental when it comes to getting work completed on such a unique island environment. But it’s not just the frequency of the earthquakes, the monsoons, the typhoons and the humidity that renders Guam such a difficult place to complete construction. It’s a working knowledge of the people, customs and culture… and that’s where Guardian Group, Inc. stands alone.

From work at Anderson Air Force Base, including marine hangers and runway lighting, to the commercial airport, including roads, landscaping and utilities, and from hospitals to golf courses, water systems and wells, Guardian Group, Inc.’s surety consultants provide you an unmatched level of depth and breadth. This is exactly the kind of support sureties need when they find themselves facing claims in a place that often finds itself challenged by climate, politics and cultural differences simultaneously. With a proven track record of navigating the island’s myriad complexities and completing construction on Guam, we stand ready to assist you.

When you think Guam, think Guardian Group, Inc.





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