Guardian stands with Texas


Historic, below-freezing temperatures. Record, consecutive snowfalls and accumulation. Massive, unprecedented power outages. The people of Texas have certainly seen better days, and insurance carriers with a laser-focus on service to their insureds will see to it that better days will soon return to the Lone Star State. With claim volume expected to vastly exceed those of 2017’s Hurricane Harvey and losses currently reported to exceed $18B, now is the time to stand with Texas. Fortunately, power has now been restored to most residents, although about 300,000 remain without it due to downed lines.

As you triage and process through an exhaustive claim-load, please just bear in mind how Guardian Group, Inc. has been engineered to support you.

For carriers, TPAs, and adjusters, Guardian Group, Inc. provides:

Building experts:  what’s damaged, what can be remediated,

estimated repair/replace costs

Large loss experience

Commercial & residential CAT claim capabilities

Engineering back-up for your daily adjusting team

 •Cause & Origin reporting, as claim needs dictate

 A forensic construction & engineering firm with over 30 years’ claims investigations experience, Guardian Group, Inc. stands ready to assist you in resolving your claims fairly, expediently and cost-effectively. Please call Clarence Bolanos at 954.295.5227 or email for immediate assistance.

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