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Our Construction Management Group has seen it all, done it all

Reverse-engineering for construction management success

Having consulted on some of the world’s largest, most problem-fraught construction projects, Guardian Group knows what can and does go wrong on jobsites and with construction in general. So, as construction managers, we bring a keener eye to the process of keeping quality construction on-time and on-budget. The reduction of claims and overruns is a natural byproduct of the decades we’ve spent on the other side of the construction equation.

Drawing upon the experience of our personnel and our own experience with project takeovers for our surety clients, Guardian Group, Inc. guides you through the entire

construction process, encouraging a Design To Total Cost Approach and with a vigilant eye on both your company’s bottom-line and your internal team’s time.

As your construction management team, we expertly navigate:

  1. Bid evaluation
  2. Contract administration
  3. Document management & control
  4. Scheduling
  5. Cost management
  6. Cost/schedule resource integration
  7. Material expediting
  8. Change order management
  9. On-site monitoring
  10. Payment applications & lien releases
  11. Close-out

If leveraging our experience and track record of construction success sounds like a good fit for your company’s next project, please contact to discuss your particular objectives and requirements.

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