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Our Environmental Group lets you breathe easier

For both environmental claims and environmental compliance, preparedness is a virtue.

Whether performing lead and asbestos abatement on behalf of a public school or assuming closure responsibilities for a landfill leaking contaminants into a public utility’s well field (both environmental case studies profiled on this website), we know your environmental issues can be as costly as they are complex. Even beyond financial costs, there are impacts to your brand and reputation that must be well managed. Insurance carriers, TPAs, sureties, self-insureds and private companies are all better served when they rely on a consultant whose technical expertise and claims proficiency spans decades.

With expert personnel who possess the experience, the training and the credentials to support you with virtually every type of environmental claim and every type of environmental advisory service, including compliance and audit-readiness, permitting and developer site assessments, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Environmental Group stands as your ally as you work to protect the environment, the community and your bottom-line. Our interdisciplinary technical team includes:

  1. Asbestos experts
  2. Biologists
  3. Chemists
  4. Chemical engineers
  5. Civil engineers
  6. Structural engineers
  7. Demolition experts
  8. Decontamination experts
  9. Environmental engineers
  10. Estimators
  11. Forensic engineers
  12. Geologists
  13. Geotechnical engineers
  14. Industrial hygienists
  15. Metallurgists
  16. Mold specialists
  17. OSHA compliance consultants
  18. Spill experts
  19. Toxicologists

Examples of uncontrolled releases our environmental claims and advisory team consults upon include: chemical spills, product spills, hazardous material spills and oil spills.

Examples of environmental engineering work our environmental claims and advisory team consults upon include: groundwater, dams and dikes, dredging, earth movement, floods, foundations, pile drivers, retaining walls, foundation settlements, vibrations, substructures, tunnels, wells & de-watering and landfills.

Examples of indoor air quality work our environmental claims and advisory team consults upon include toxicology, asbestos, bacteria and mold.

Other environmental services and environmental audits include: lead paint abatement, waste management, disposal sites, air quality, discharges, industrial health & safety and permitting.

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