Pool Podium Decks Lead To Construction Defects Hot Water

Recently, Guardian Group, Inc.’s construction defect experts were called to the scene of a high-rise condo for yet another podium deck issue – podiums are notorious for causing construction headaches, and pool podiums are ripe with safety issues and resident complaints.

In this case, resultant damages included a pronounced leaking on the cars parked in the garage below, similar leaking and accumulation in the storage area that was housing tenant belongings, and a general deterioration of the building, including moisture eating away at the rebar – chemically-treated pool water is highly corrosive.

At this condominium, three issues were discovered to be at work. First, the structural slab had been installed (to drawings & specs) in a dead-flat manner – no positive slope to drain. Second, the waterproof layer had been installed (to drawings & specs) in a similarly dead-flat manner. But even if these first two installations had been engineered and drawn correctly, it would not have mattered. That’s because the material prescribed – even though it’s specified by its manufacturer for podium use – simply doesn’t hold water. In fact, the circumstances at this condominium tower mirrored that of the clinical “wet cup” permeability test. So, while this product may pass the “dry cup” test, it never should have been installed in this configuration. Most architects, structural engineers and general contractors lack the specific experience to address the myriad issues relating to waterproofing on podium decks, up to and including working knowledge of domestic and imported product strengths, weaknesses and installation best practices.

While it certainly pays to get the issues right from the get-go, when your cases, claims and issues require construction defects expertise in this arena, call on Guardian Group, Inc. for swimmingly good forensic investigations and water-tight defenses.

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