Complex Takeover Saves School Renovation

With extensive school and civic structure experience, Guardian Group, Inc. often fields requests from the nation’s surety companies and their counsel for claims investigation and complex takeovers.

In this case, in conjunction with a $60 million school renovation taking place in the Midwest, and electrical contractor had been awarded a contract worth approximately $6 million. When Guardian’s Surety Group received word from our surety client that this electrical contractor was consistently behind schedule, it was apparent to all that the project’s completion date would be delayed. Leveraging Guardian’s specialized electrical experience, and unique construction insight, the surety decide it was in its best interest to appoint Guardian as the Project Manager.

Responsibilities in a complex takeover such as this are both broad and highly-detailed. Guardian’s seasoned surety consultants and technical experts mobilized to the project site, and began reorganization of the project staff to expedite completion. This accelerated approach to the work schedule avoided any further delays, and the project was successfully opened to the public on-time and on-budget.

When surety claims arise, regardless of size, complexity or geography, it pays to talk to Guardian Group, Inc. We bring nearly 30 years of service to the surety industry, led by our seasoned technical experts in all disciplines, so you can expect a more rapid resolution of your claims.

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