Construction completion & construction turnaround consultants for the surety, insurance, banking, construction defect and legal industries

Construction completion & construction turnarounds require a rare set of estimating and executive level management skills that no everyday contractor can claim. That’s why Guardian Group, Inc.’s Special Asset Group, operating under the name Completion Contractors, Inc., focuses exclusively on incomplete and unfinished construction. It was back in 1992 that Guardian Group, Inc. first joined the Turnaround Management Association, and ever since we’ve carved out a unique niche in problem-construction. After having seen our surety company and insurance carrier clients gouged by contractors for years, Completion Contractors, Inc.® works to ensure all completion estimates are fair and reasonable, and that projects not only get done, but that they get done at the lowest cost possible. Saving our clients time, money and aggravation, only Completion Contractors, Inc. possesses the specialized experience to meet the unique needs of those responsible for incomplete, deficient and defective construction projects nationwide. Whether it’s an industrial building, a subdivision or an office complex, having the right information at your fingertips guides better decision-making, and it can help take you from immobility to action. Because we’re more than construction consultants; we’re construction managers and general contractors, too.


We have a word for unfinished construction: done.

For surety companies, work can’t stop with an accurate determination of the problem or its scope. Getting out of a holding pattern and limiting your exposure don’t truly stop until somebody’s ready to step up, perform, and manage the work through the passing of final inspection. Completion Contractors, Inc.® steps up. For law firms and the construction defect industry, we serve in two primary ways. First, you need estimates that stand up in negotiations and in court. Our estimates are build-able, real-world estimates… and we’re prepared to commence work immediately. Second, while constructing the arguments is a great start, often principals and their advisors are eager for construction of the actual project to resume. They appreciate us for our ability not only to estimate construction defects jobs, but to actually implement the remediation strategies and correct defective work. For the banking industry, we assess incomplete construction projects and assist in the development of appropriate, efficient plans-of-action.

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