Get a better picture on building damages and defects, site conditions and property security with Guardian Drone Services, LLC.

For over 30 years, Guardian Group’s technical construction and engineering experts have remained exactly the right people you want to call when you have surety, construction defect, property & casualty and environmental claims issues. Now, having equipped your preferred consultants with thorough training in UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and their effective utilization, Guardian Drone Services, LLC gives you the opportunity to bring even greater accuracy, ease and safety to your construction claims, cases and related issues. With the option to supplement each Guardian Group file with high-resolution still photography or video from Guardian Drone Services, LLC, now, you can get a bird’s eye view of the scene… and the focus is on unprecedented efficiency.



Formerly, the expenses related to cranes, lifts, helicopter rentals and the number of personnel hours required to properly conduct an investigation proved burdensome. Today, the cost-savings realized can be significant. A higher standard of technical reporting and documentation is well within reach.

Increase turnaround times

The ability to collect the right data in the right way, without equipment rentals and other scheduling issues, results in quantifiable time-savings. In addition to quicker reporting and issue resolution, there is often less down-time for the end-client as a result of a more expedient inspection process.

Increase accuracy

By equipping you with more evidentiary detail, you are in a better position to decide your best course of action. Additionally, high-resolution photography from our drones increases the accuracy and strength of your claims and case work in negotiations and in court, all without jeopardizing the scene or the integrity of the evidence, as human inspections often do.

Increase safety

Both for your designated consultant, as well as for those in and around the property, inspections via unmanned aerial vehicles provide an altogether safer alternative. Of course, we maintain our own liability insurance, but an ounce of risk mitigation…

When you say jump, we ask how high

Whether utilizing Guardian Drone Services, LLC’s trained operators and fleet to inspect buildings, monitor site environmental conditions or enforce security, our drones are deployed with unprecedented speed. Unlike in the past, when you needed to match the right technical expert with a willingness to climb, today, our drones serve as the experts’ eyes. And their specialized construction and engineering inquiries have been granted an investigatory freedom that was previously impossible. They can collect more data, of a greater scientific weight, with more concrete evidence to inform and support their expert findings. All in far less time. Guardian Drone Services, LLC’s growing UAV fleet enables simultaneous deployments, numerous configurations and extensive capabilities ranging from high resolution digital to thermal imaging, with flight times up to one-hour. Seeing is believing. Ask us if a drone deployment would be an effective way to handle your next claim or case:

Guardian Drone Services, LLC:  424.201.1555

Drones for property inspections: accurate, actionable data in a reduced time frame… at a competitive cost!

Guardian Drone Services, LLC is the perfect complement to Guardian Group’s nationwide claims investigation, construction defect and expert witness services.

Advantages of utilizing drones for property inspections:

  • For property & casualty claims: reliably establish issues of cause and origin due to wind/hail/snow/rain with infrared moisture delineation, visually document roof, structural, flashing and drainage damage without compromising the integrity of the evidence, assess fire/explosion impacts and verify repairs, determine appropriate catastrophe responses and resources, establish immediate post-storm property conditions, support your underwriting with moisture and roof drainage surveys, as well as roof and wall condition assessments
  • For construction defect claims and cases: obtain more photographic evidence, including from less accessible places, document more evidence and more impacts more thoroughly
  • For surety investigations: more definitive reporting via easier, safer access to the job site, aerial photography documents contextualized completed work and work-in-progress; also ideal for tracking status of a development’s infrastructure, civil site work, etc.
  • For environmental audits and claims: capture the full scene in chemical spills, readily inspect water and sewage lines, reveal the details on large scale machinery and building systems, visually document waste handling protocol and other repair/remediation efforts.
Putting the tools of tomorrow to work today.

The strategic partnership between Guardian Group, Inc. and Guardian Drone Services, LLC means you now have the ability to put drone-based inspections into the hands of the technical experts. And this puts you on a more efficient pathway to claims and case resolution. Throughout its 30+ year history, Guardian Group, Inc. has never been shy about embracing technology. Guardian Drone Services, LLC deploys today’s most innovative technology to work on behalf of our clients’ bottom-lines. Whether you would like to utilize a drone on your next claim, case or project, or you would like us to design a full scale, system-wide program customized to meet the unique needs of your company, we encourage you to get in touch. The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll change your point-of-view.

Guardian Drone Services, LLC:  424.201.1555

You can use drones for:
  • Roofing, Wall & Structural Inspections
  • Drainage & Moisture Intrusion Inspections
  • Fire & Explosion Investigations
  • Debris Field Analysis
  • Underwriting Inspections
  • Large Loss & Complex Claims
  • Catastrophe Response
  • Cause & Origin Investigations
  • Damage Assessments
  • Accident Scene Documentation
  • Surveying
  • Waterline Inspections
  • Difficult Terrain Property Surveilliance
  • Crop Monitoring
  • Environmental Inspections & Impact Documentation
  • And more – just ask!
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