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Drone Services: we always said our experts were superheroes, now they can fly


You hear a lot of talk about drones these days. Expect that talk to go on for quite some time. The government’s recent lifting of the requirement that all drone operators be licensed pilots has led to “everybody and his brother/sister” either owning or wanting to own a drone.

We’d like to take this blog post to talk about the specific benefits of utilizing drones for property inspections, as well as how Guardian Drone Services, LLC (a separate company) does drones differently.

Whether for inspecting or documenting property and site conditions, obviously, drones enable you to get a better picture of the scene. This results not only in more accurate, credible and thorough analyses, but you obtain these results more efficiently. But what’s different at Guardian Drone Services, LLC is that we put our drones in the hands of the recognized technical experts.

Why does this matter? It matters because only the property or construction defect expert has the knowledge to know where to look, how close to look… in order to properly serve as his/her eyes, the professional engineer or property expert must be in control of the drone. Too many firms these days have adopted a business model akin to x-rays in the health care field. The problem, of course, is that not all drone pilots are professional construction and engineering consultants. Most are not.

So, what you see these days are “flyover firms” who take your pictures and then forward them on for forensic inspection. This may work in certain fields and instances, but it does not apply to the work we do in property & casualty, construction defects, surety and environmental. Our clients are counting on us for credible investigations, wherein the photographic evidence provided by the drone aids and supports the determination, increases accuracy and efficiency, but in no way tries to substitute a camera for a trained and experienced property expert. Read more about Guardian Drone Services, LLC.

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