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Slip and Fall Claims Can Really Trip Up Property and Casualty Insurers

New Property and Casualty Case Study: Slip and Fall Claim

In July 2017, an insurance adjuster at one of our nation’s leading carriers was facing a slip-and-fall claim, which happened at a popular Midwestern pizza restaurant. He called Guardian Group, Inc.’s Property & Casualty forensic engineering experts to expedite an investigation and report of the accident scene.

Using the ANSI/NFSI B101.1 standard as a guide, which outlines the test method for measuring wet Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF), Guardian’s expert began the investigation. The standard specifies that a .60 value or above is classified as “high traction”, and can help reduce the incident of slips and falls.  Additionally, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that walkways for pedestrians, workers and consumers shall be slip-resistant.

Forensic Engineering Beyond Measure


Operating a Digital Horizontal Dynomometer Pull Meter, Guardian’s expert tested the restroom floor in both dry and wet conditions. Both tests confirmed the engineer’s initial suspicions: the painted concrete at the Insured’s pizza parlor did not meet the standard specifications, or ADA guidelines. Guardian Group Inc.’s Property & Casualty group kept the adjuster informed throughout the investigation process, and provided a concise, clear-language report on-time, within budget. Additionally, it was recommended that the Insured work with local health and building code enforcement agencies to apply additional paint with grit/anti-slip additive to increase the coefficient of friction of hard floors in potentially wet areas to reduce future accidents.

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