Solar Panels Don’t Always Lead to Happy Customers

With the increase in solar panel installations, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Construction Defect Group continues to see an increase in solar panel claims and defect cases. On one recent case, the homeowner’s attorneys claimed that energy bills hadn’t been reduced by the installation and they alleged false promises and inferior work by the contractor.

Upon investigation, our experts confirmed that the contractor had, in fact, made a mistake with the installation. He had purchased and installed only one inverter to convert the panels’ DC to household AC current. Based on the number of panels, he really should have installed at least two. But our investigation didn’t stop there. Curious about the homeowner’s efficiency claims, Guardian Group, Inc.’s experts proceeded to analyze the home’s power usage. As often the case upon installation of a great, new energy-saving tool, human, homeowner psychology takes over. Intoxicated by our newfound freedom, we leave the lights on, we turn the air conditioning down and the pool’s heater up, we run extra loads of laundry, etc. We change our daily habits.

So, notwithstanding any mistakes made by the contractor, the homeowner could have never reasonably expected to see a savings on this unprecedented power demand. By helping counsel prove that even a flawless solar panel installation would have been incapable of producing savings on such an increase in power consumption, a fair and swift settlement was reached.

Regardless of claim type, size or location, when your firm requires expert construction defect support, it pays to have this level of proven problem-solving experience in your corner. Call on Guardian Group, Inc. today.

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