Stucco Leak Claims… and The Framer Always Seems to Get Framed

Lately, there has been an uptick in cases originating in Florida that involve moisture intrusion via stucco. As one example, Guardian Group’s Construction Defect Group was recently called upon by a longstanding law firm client. An HOA, on behalf of a Florida townhouse condominium, was coming after their client, a policyholder of the carrier, the framer on the building.

Upon engagement, Guardian conducted a thorough inspection and reviewed all project plans and paperwork. As is common in these situations, Guardian’s forensic expert confirmed the moisture intrusion. But how did the HOA (and its counsel) make the leap from there to the framer? It’s not an unreasonable idea, but it’s also not fair to simply point fingers in the absence of proof.


Guardian supported the attorneys in arguing on behalf of the framer. Was his work not accepted at the time? Had seven years not passed since construction? Can we really always blame the framer when there’s a stucco contractor involved, a window installer, and an issue of wrapping? Though a nominal contribution still had to be made to the settlement funds, the framer, the law firm, and the insurance carrier were all appreciative of Guardian’s diligence and vigilance.




When your cases and claims require expert forensic determinations and when your expectations are for rapid response, clear communication, and pragmatic advice, you can count on Guardian Group. For over 30 years Guardian has applied its construction and engineering experience to the resolution of complex claims and cases. From issues of moisture intrusion to concrete issues, and from parking garages to roofing, the real specialty at Guardian is making sure you’ve got the factual upper-hand, both in negotiations and in court. Kindly call on Guardian’s construction defect experts today.

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