Subdivision projects? That’s our territory!

Often times, Guardian Group,Inc.’s experts are the ones to receive the calls for support on subdivision projects. That’s because it’s one of the many specialized areas in which the surety community knows we’re known to excel; you leverage our deep claim, construction and engineering experience to mitigate your risks and minimize your losses.  

On one particular project, a project that was completed four years prior, the water lines had begun collapsing. This was due to improper compaction and lack of cover over the piping. The principal had gone out of business, so was unable to rectify the deficient work. Guardian Group’s surety client knew its safest path was to harness our experience with infrastructure projects, specifically subdivision water lines.  

Upon notification, Guardian Groups’ experts immediately launched into action and deployed to the scene. Within 10 days, we were successful not only in identifying and negotiating with a local contractor who could perform the work cost-effectively, but in partnering with that contractor to resolve site conditions and creatively problem-solve other potential delay factors. Our on-site presence mitigated the usual time to resolve engineering issues and also helped the obligee to understand the necessary and enduring value of all of the repair work. With Guardian’s facilitation, all of the required repairs to the laterals were completed… within 45 days!

Though the principal was no longer in business, he proved himself helpful by cooperating with the new contractor in affecting the repairs on the laterals. He also provided his insurance information, so as to allow the surety to make a claim against his Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy for damage costs related to the asphalt, sidewalks, curbs and gutters. Guardian Group, Inc. prepared the surety’s claim against the principal’s CGL carrier for the cost to replace those items. Therefore, the surety’s loss was limited to its payment for the laterals repairs, while the CGL carrier paid for the other damages.  

Experienced surety professionals know there’s just no substitute for nearly 30 years’ complex construction claim experience. Resolve your surety claims rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively. Call on Guardian Group today.


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