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Surety Faces Path of Most Resistance

A Midwest county park beautification project that featured a massive concrete pathway was stopped in its tracks when the obligee terminated the contractor for failure to prosecute work. With a fast-approaching project completion date – the construction schedule had been reverse-engineered for the start of the summer season, an outdoor concert series for which the concrete pathway provided proper access, etc. – the surety carrier, one of Guardian Group, Inc.’s longstanding clients, was well aware it needed expert support on the double.

When Guardian Group’s Surety Group experts received the call, they immediately dispatched to the scene to assess the situation and begin our claim investigation. With a full penal bond loss approaching three-quarters of a million dollars, they knew they had to act fast in order to limit the surety’s losses and minimize its exposure. Fortunately, Guardian Group, Inc’s seasoned personnel combine surety-side claims handling experience with nearly 30 years’ construction and engineering expertise. Additionally, both concrete and concrete pathways are project types the firm has completed successfully hundreds of times in its storied history.

From collaborating with the obligee to identify and hire a qualified completion contractor to resolving site conditions and facilitating the work, Guardian Group’s involvement and presence at the park mitigated the usual time to resolve engineering issues and was instrumental in obtaining obligee buy-in to certain design changes that streamlined the work. Thanks to experience, diligence and good cooperation all-around, the project was completed in its 60-day window. The pathway paved the way to greater civic pride, with many thousands making their way to the park’s season-opening concert.

From expert support on your daily claims to complex project takeovers and complete surety claim outsourcing, Guardian Group, Inc. was engineered from the outset to deliver you a more efficient, more enduring service value. Kindly call on us to discuss your needs and objectives.

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