Surety Group Prepared To Handle High Claim Volume

Surety claims overload?


When sureties of every size, but especially the smaller and medium-sized firms, face an onslaught of surety bond claims, the question of whether to outsource your claims frequently arises. Whether resulting from a single claim from a large General Contractor or from multiple bonds, you have a whole slew of factors to consider, not the least of which are your legal requirements to adhere to federally mandated response timelines. But also, from a pure and simple business perspective, what will it cost? Who can you trust?

Did you know Guardian was engineered from the outset to assist firms like yours in addressing a high volume of claims? Often, it is simply in a smaller surety’s best financial interest to engage Guardian Group, Inc. versus employing a full-time staff. In certain cases, claims and investigations are better served when matched with technical construction and engineering expertise. Frequently, even the best in-house staff experiences periods of limited bandwidth, and this, too, is a reason why you may wish to put Guardian “in your corner” proactively.

Did you know Guardian Group, Inc. has set itself apart in the industry in a multitude of ways, including:

  1. By employing surety claims professionals, we provide a level of service that far surpasses that of any ordinary construction & engineering consultant
  2. That said, we excel in all types of bond claim types
  3. That said, our construction & engineering work has always answered to a higher technical standard
  4. Our demonstrated integrity means service, results and advice you can rely on. Some companies think their consultants ought to be taking them to Hawaii. For us, it’s all about the work.
  5. Consultant pricing that is transparent, accurate and highly competitive.

Regardless of your surety company’s size or location, if your team is considering the advantages of outsourcing your claims handling, we would genuinely like to see what value we can bring to the conversation. With a proven full-service dedication to the industry that has included, among other things, helping sureties with their own in-house policies and procedures, supporting the development of their underwriting guidelines and managing full-scale run-offs, our Surety Group is uniquely equipped to help you more efficiently handle a high-volume claims load.

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