Surety In Too Deep, Thanks to Shoddy Pool Work



Recently, one of Guardian Group, Inc.’s long standing surety clients called on our experts for support with a claim. On this particular claim, involving the construction of a large community pool facility, the principal hadn’t completed various punch list items, and as a result the obligee was holding over $100,000 in retention and final payment.

Improper installation of the community pool’s deck coating had created an unsafe, slippery condition. Additionally, various cracks had developed in the pool plastering. This would no doubt result into leaking into the subsurface of the pool. The principal subsequently went out of business and was unable to make the repairs.

Relying upon Guardian Group, Inc.’s nearly 30 years of surety claims experience, our surety client asked our experts to investigate the claim post haste and make a recommendation as to how rectify the situation in the most cost-effective manner possible. Fortunately, Guardian Group has plenty of prior engineering and construction experience involving pools and gunite pool repairs. Also, a nationwide network of contractor relationships means we are more readily able to tap into local contracting expertise. We not only identified the right company for the repair work, but we negotiated for fair pricing, thus mitigating additional costs and charges. Additionally, we worked alongside the former principal and the completion contractor to ensure timely, on-budget completion of the work. Our surety experts were on the job within 10 days, and within 60 days all work on the punch list was complete, including rectification of the unsafe pool deck and a first-rate pool plastering job.

Guardian knows a slippery situation when we see one. More importantly, we know how to keep you from falling into the deep end. Effective problem-solving on behalf of surety clients requires not only engineering experience, but in-depth claims handling expertise, as well.

When you understand the bottom-line value of our Surety Group’s services, you call Guardian. On the small jobs. On the big jobs. And on any other matters critical to your company’s annual performance and enduring success. (Did you know, for example, that Guardian Group, Inc. is often asked to assist with business infrastructure items, such as claims manuals, pre-bonding evaluations and complete claims run-off programs? Call us for more details today.)

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