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Delay Analysis at Hospital Helps Keep Surety in the Pink

A surety client called Guardian Group, Inc.’s Surety Group when concerns about their contractor’s delays and talk of liquidated damages began to manifest. The project was an expansion of an existing medical facility in Northern California; the addition comprised 60,000 square feet in a single  story. The building is structural concrete and steel, with an envelope of glass and stucco.


As a result of major subcontractor non-performance and subsequent defaults, some critical elements of the project had been badly delayed. Guardian was called upon because the surety knew the situation called for extensive cost overrun and construction delay expertise. The need for extreme urgency and a higher standard of construction and engineering proficiency was due to the fact that, pursuant to contract terms, the General Contractor and its surety were subject to the assessment of liquidated damages. With nearly 30 years’ experience analyzing delay claims and constructing appropriate defenses, Guardian’s personnel not only led the investigation and prepared the analyses, they presented exhibits at mediation which served to lower the surety’s previously estimated loss by 60%.


When surety claims surface, it pays to have a deep bench of experience on your side. When liquidated damages may be mounting, call the delay claims experts at Guardian Group, Inc… without delay.
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