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Technically speaking the road to decreasing surety exposures starts with Guardian Group

Not too long ago, Guardian’s surety claim experts were called in by one of the industry’s largest sureties for immediate support on a claim for which the bond amount at risk exceeded $18MM. Surety bond claims include not only traditional construction projects but computer engineering, I.T. systems and security, programming and software development, as well. On this particular performance bond claim, the digital messaging system work and installation for a highway in our nation’s Northeast had come to a complete standstill. A digital messaging system is an integrated, real-time and customizable set of roadway signs that inform motorists of traffic conditions, closures, detours, various other news, and public safety issues.

Facing liquidated damages, the surety knew its high-tech contractor was experiencing financial challenges and requested that Guardian jump in immediately. The investigation began with an immediate site inspection to determine project status and provide recommendations on how to best fulfill the principal’s contractual obligations. Shortly thereafter, the overextended contractor filed for bankruptcy with project work only 30% complete. The primary obstacle Guardian foresaw was the proprietary nature of the programming and accessing the source code. It was evident that not taking advantage of the already completed programming and starting over would amount to a financial disaster for the surety.


Completion becomes an even more challenging prospect when the work to be completed requires specialized, high-tech engineering experience. Fortunately, in addition to its own in-house software development expertise, Guardian had a pre-existing working relationship with a developer-programmer contractor who excelled in this arena. This meant they could leverage much of the work already initiated by the principal. Completing the job on-time and on-budget, Guardian’s approach helped the surety mitigate bond losses by 70%.


From the smallest of everyday surety bond claims and on up to some of the largest, most problem-fraught projects… and from contract to commercial… including claims outsourcing and a complete suite of complementary surety services, Guardian has served the industry as a dedicated, dynamic partner for over 30 years. Now operating as a division of YA, it’s the same personal commitment to your claims handling success to which clients have become accustomed, but now your claims can be supported by over 600 technical building consultants who are strategically located throughout the U.S., with personnel in Mexico and England, as well.  For all things surety, kindly call on the Guardian / YA team today.

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