Preparing for a whirlwind of claims

With June 1st marking the official start of hurricane season, just like you, Guardian Group is preparing for a busy CAT quarter. All eyes are currently on a Caribbean disturbance, but this one is expected to dissipate, and no recognized authorities are pegging the storm’s chances of developing into something greater at more than 20%. Whew… at least for now, at least for that one.

Meanwhile, forecasts by the NOAA and other experts predict a season of above average intensity, but fortunately not as severe as last year. 30 years’ data indicates that an average year would include 14 named storms, with 7 of those growing in strength to become full-fledged hurricanes and 3 of that 7 developing into major ones.

For this year’s Hurricane/CAT season, NOAA expects 30 named storms, with 13-20 in the Atlantic basin and 12 making landfall. Meanwhile, AccuWeather predicts 7-10 U.S. storms, Colorado State University predicts 8, and The Weather Channel predicts 8 hurricanes, with 4 of those constituting major force and impact.

For your records (and your naming curiosity!), here’s the current list of already-named 2021 storms – as you’ve likely heard, the use of the Greek alphabet has been discontinued.

Ana                                                                Larry

Bill                                                                 Mindy

Claudette                                                      Nicholas

Danny                                                           Odette

Elsa                                                                Peter

Fred                                                               Rose

Grace                                                             Sam

Henri                                                             Teresa

Ida                                                                  Victor

Julia                                                               Wanda


Today, more than ever, those in the property insurance business need a professional forensic engineering company standing at the ready. Guardian Group, Inc.’s Catastrophe Response Team supports you in the following ways:


Complex engineering, high-volume residential catastrophe claims require both rapid dispatch and rapid reporting. Working with Guardian means both increased confidence in the scientific findings of our investigations and increased service to your insureds.


When storms hit, most of us think about the families and personal homes affected, and rightly so. But commercial claims include significant engineering complexities that also exact enormous tolls, both personally, on owners and employees, and economically, for the business’ surrounding communities. With Guardian on the job, you can expedite claims resolution because you’re leveraging nearly 30 years’ forensic construction and engineering expertise.

When it’s complex or catastrophe, you’ve got us right where you want us.

When you work with Guardian’s Property & Casualty Group, you know you can always get a hold of us easily and efficiently, whether by calling us at the number listed below, sending an email, or by quickly and conveniently submitting your claims online:

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