Unhealthy construction at healthcare facility

Not long ago, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Construction Defect Group was called in to investigate reported deficient and defective work at a Southwestern U.S. construction site. The law firm and the client, a leading surety company, asked that we dispatch our technical resources to the site post haste. The subject property is a multi-story addition on the healthcare campus of one of our nation’s leading private hospitals, and the legal team requested a full inspection and thorough review of construction to date.


Initiating a document review electronically and deploying to the scene immediately, Guardian’s construction defect experts could not believe the state of ill health they uncovered. While most of our technical experts possess daily, real-world construction experience, and are, therefore, relatively stoic in most matters, this entire expansion effort stood as a testament to the pervasiveness of shoddy workmanship. Examples of components and systems that were improperly installed and did not meet the standard of care: insufficient structural engineering, incorrect grading/hardscaping, the wrong electrical/communication cabling, and inadequate building envelope systems, including incorrectly installed and flashed windows.


Guardian’s inspection and final report confirmed what the legal team and the client had suspected: that the General Contractor was in the process of performing work completely inconsistent with what had been precisely stipulated in the contract documents, as well as in plans and drawings. In addition to pinpointing the items that fell beneath the standard of care and proposing cost-effective remediation techniques, Guardian’s experts facilitated the resolve of all pending litigation, working diplomatically with all of the various subcontractors, vendors and all associated counsel.


The moment construction defect cases, claims and issues surface is the moment we spring into action. Drawing upon nearly 30 years’ complex construction and engineering experience, Guardian Group, Inc. provides attorneys, carriers, sureties and owners clear communications, superior reporting and savvy litigation support. Call on Guardian’s Construction Defect Group today.

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