Water, Water Everywhere… But from Where?


Recently, Guardian Group, Inc.’s Construction Defect Group was brought into a case between a General Contractor (GC) and the building’s owner. The first of two dozen buildings had gone up at this Northern California office campus, with this one being approximately 30,000 square feet, and already occupied. Unfortunately, water and water damage were evident throughout the interior spaces upon any significant rain event. Subcontractors claimed they had tried water-testing everything, but they weren’t coming up with any answers. The GC and his counsel knew if they could determine the root cause, they’d be able to identify the responsible parties.

Upon notification, Guardian’s moisture intrusion experts immediately deployed to the scene. After completing a site inspection, a test protocol was developed to verify the proper, water-tight compliance of all building systems under rain conditions – roofing, HVAC, windows, walls, etc. The subcontractors – all of whom knew one or more of them would be left holding the bag – were invited to observe the tests. In the analysis, it was determined that the exterior roofing ductwork was the source of the water intrusion. Missing gaskets on the ventilation duct work sections were the culprits that enabled water to enter, form and leak. Guardian’s experts devised a repair protocol that enabled the ducts to be left in place. Sealing them with a UV-stable system would prevent leakage in this open-air environment. The repair protocol proposed also allowed both the GC and his HVAC sub to cost-efficiently make their work right in the eyes of the owner.

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