Roof claim proves all wet


The owner of a small family home in our nation’s southwest called his carrier to complain of water inside the residence and damage to both the roof and many of the house’s interior finishes, including the flooring. Perhaps it was only natural for this insured to think that the recent storm was the cause of his moisture intrusion issues. 


Upon receiving notice of the claim, Guardian’s forensic construction and engineering experts downloaded site-specific wind and hail data, and then immediately dispatched to the property. Performing an insured-accompanied visual property inspection of the 1600 sf home, complete with ladder-assist, Guardian’s expert observed and absorbed the scene, photographing both the areas of reported damage as well as those property elements and areas where damage typically occurs in genuine wind and wind-driven rain damage events. The residence was constructed on a raised foundation and was conventionally wood framed. Composite siding was used as cladding. The steep slope roof was comprised of asphalt composition shingles.


As detailed in the property & casualty expert’s report, none of the roof damages claimed or observed were attributable to a hail or windstorm event. Rather, the 15-year old roof had outlived its functionality by about 35 years. Maximum winds at the residence were around 70 mph, and none of the shingles appeared with horizontal creases, an expected impact that is regularly indicative of high wind damage. Other water intrusion issues were the result of missing flashing and failing sealant, which is not a permanent solution as a waterproof barrier. As for the flooring, the tenting issues and degradation in the vinyl tiles are the result of age and a deterioration of the adhesive on their backs; issues completely distinct from the roof, even had the roofing failures been connected to the storm.


When your property claims require expert construction and engineering know-how, Guardian’s forensic experts deliver, on-time and on-budget. For both daily claims and catastrophe claims, and for both residential and commercial claims, you can count on over 30 years’ experience when you choose to count on Guardian’s Property & Casualty Group. Kindly call today!

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