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Surety Says ‘Bon Voyage’ to Excessive Losses

One of Guardian Group, Inc.’s most challenging projects, due to the technical engineering and sophisticated business management involved, took place at one of our nation’s busiest ports. The project was a cruise terminal, wherein our surety client was facing a defaulted subcontractor who, in this case, was also a supplier. The sub had taken on a scope of work that exceeded its capabilities. Among the project complexities was the busyness of the terminal itself and its critical nature: in addition to hosting both embarking and debarking passengers and providing a space for public events, the 52,000 square foot, multi-use building needed to house borders and customs operations, as well. Pursuant to the bond and the job specs, Guardian’s Surety Group experts’ responsibilities included everything from contract document handling, to quality assurance and compliance issues.

Not every surety consultant can step in and supervise a defaulted specialized subcontractor. In this case, Guardian’s engineers worked hand-in-hand with the general contractor, successfully installing new components and conforming to the environmentally-friendly requirements that helped the project receive its LEED gold status.

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