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This attic had damage in store




The conversion of an attic into occupied space led a homeowner in the East Coast to report damage to his insurance carrier. Specifically, the insured said that during remodeling damage to flooring and framing was discovered. The insurance carrier asked Guardian Group, Inc.’s Property & Casualty Group to inspect the property and determine cause & origin of any damages.


Immediately upon notification of the claim Guardian’s forensic expert set off for the subject property, an ocean-close, 1.5 story, 2,000 square foot home originally constructed in 1950. Guardian Group’s engineer performed a complete interior and exterior inspection. In all locations – the exterior, first floor, and basement – there were no visible cracks or other signs of structural movement. The connected gutter downspout also appeared to be without damage. At the attic, linoleum tiles had previously been installed over the subfloor. Renovation activities included the installation of wood flooring over the linoleum. Other investigation expert observations in the attic included a localized depression in the Southeast corner of the attic floor, a sloping of the floor in the same direction, and approximately ½” separation between the linoleum floor tile and the sill plate of knee-wall.


Timing is everything when determining true cause & origin. That’s why Guardian’s engineer was so careful to inspect and document those factors mentioned above. Had there been settlement of the foundation, excessive soil erosion or undermining of the foundation, missing, damaged or undersized wood framing members, or a breach in the waterproofing elements, a different conclusion could have been reached. Instead, the deflection observed in the attic floor appeared to have been present with the original construction of the home. Moreover, the overall structure had not been compromised and was performing as intended.


When insurance carriers, TPAs, and adjusters need specialized construction and engineering expertise in helping them establish definitive cause & origin, they often turn to Guardian Group, Inc. In claims involving a greater degree of complexity and those requiring a greater degree of certainty, Guardian’s team of construction and engineering specialists respond diligently and prepare plainspoken reports that help all parties understand exactly what happened and why. Call on over 30 years’ construction claim experience. Kindly call on Guardian Group, Inc. today.

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